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We are committed to enabling access to Nature-based OT services
and supporting the Maker-Mindset through Therapeutic Crafting

We recognize that individual needs are best meet when a variety of options are available.
As such, Wildcraeft Works offers:  

Summer Enrichment Camps

Fun, week-long, summer day camp Monday-Thursday, 9-2:00

Enrichment camps designed for Elementary and Middle School-aged children.  Each day of our week-long day camp is guided by a specific traditional craeft/skill theme.

Sign up for one week...or more!  Each week's theme is unique, crafting a summer full of fun experiences of craefting and moving in nature!


Weekly OT Small Groups

The convenience of 1x per week nature-based OT group sessions.  

Saturday options are available. 

Our weekly small group OT service packages offer opportunities for weekly OT intervention within nature.

Following the same structure as our OT Therapy Camps, our Weekly Small Group OT sessions are 2.5 hours in length and are guided by a theme.

Autumn Walk

Individual OT Services

Looking for 1 : 1 OT services?

Our individual OT service packages offers an opportunity for your child to receive 1:1 therapy intervention within nature.  Our Wildcraeft Works approach will be implemented with the parent/caregiver and nature as co-facilitators.  Sessions are 90 minutes in length.

Afterschool and Saturday options are available. 

Image by Kyle Nieber

Want to add therapeutic crafting to your programming?

Designed to support your journey in exploring therapeutic crafting and its applications across a variety of settings.  Consultation services are flexible and can be crafted to meet your needs.

child doing a craft

OT Intensive Summer Camp

Intensive, 5-session, OT day camp Fridays, 9-2:00, July-August

Groups designed for children ages 7-12.

Each week-long camp is guided by a specific traditional craeft/skill theme.

Sign up for one...or more!  Each week's theme is unique, crafting a summer full of fun (and therapeutic) experiences!

Laughing Kids

School's Out! Mini Camps

Need a plan for when School's Out?

School Holidays & Holiday/Spring Breaks don't need to be stressful or boring!

Or School's Out Mini Camps are fun and unique...let's make school breaks matter!


These 1/2 day sessions, offered for 1-3 day mini camps, provide holistic options during the various school holidays.  

children outside

A modern take

on the traditional knitting circle.

Designed to support your child with expertly curated craeft experiences at-home with our monthly Widcraeft Work activity boxes

...along with monthly gatherings of the

Wildcraeft Works Makers in our virtual Makerspace for friendship, connection, and community

child doing a craft

Confidence, calm, Connection

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