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OT Intensive Summer Camp

Looking for a summer camp intentionally designed so your child can have a successful camp experience?

Weekly OT Summer day camp sessions, 5 consecutive Fridays, 9-2:00, July through August with a low 1:2, adult to child, ratio and maximum group size of 4 children.  Groups are designed for children 7-12 years of age.  OT Summer Camp sessions are conducted by

an experienced pediatric Occupational Therapist with pre-OT/OT college students assisting.

What is the camp day like?

Each day of OT camp is guided by a specific traditional craeft/skill theme within which activities are individualized to address your child's therapy goals.

Every day of summer camp includes nature exploration and hiking, focused craeft activities, Tea Time with a healthy snack, and open-ended guided play in nature to provide your child with the "just-right challenge" with the clinical support of an occupational therapist.

Our camps are intentionally multi-age (7-12 years) as this most accurately reflects children's natural play, school, and sibling environments beyond the camp experience.  Our low 1:2, adult to child, ratio allows for age sub-groups (7-9, 10-12) within the camp.  Within each camp day, your child will receive individual hands-on therapy intervention throughout the day consistent with their goals.


All Summer Camps are located in the beautiful parks & private land

in Upper Bucks County, PA

Hours: 9-2:00,

5 consecutive Fridays,


$795 per week

(A multi-week discount available)

A non-refundable $250 deposit is due

upon registration

Direct OT services will be provided during therapy camp which may be partially reimbursed by insurance

A current OT treatment plan, progress report, or evaluation (completed within the past 6 month) is required prior to the start of therapy services, including therapy camp.

If current OT records are available, a Transfer of Plan evaluation service will be needed.  If current OT records are not available,

a Basic OT evaluation will be needed.  

OT Intensive Summer Camp week(s) MAY qualify for partial reimbursement through an out-of-network benefit on some health insurance plans.   Please see FAQs for more info.  Pursuit of possible reimbursement is the responsibility of the insured.

Dates & Registration Info:


Camp Week Offerings


First Friday



Second Friday



Third Friday

  • Wet Felting

  • Lucet Cording

  • Spinning Yarn

  • Felted Bird's Nests

  • Twig Weaving

  • Random Willow Weaving

  • Wheel Weaving

  • Rock Wrapping

  • Stump Stilts

  • Wood Round Sundial

  • Log Slice String Art

  • Whittling

Craefty Kitchen Chef

Craefty Kitchen Chef

Fourth Friday

The Organic Artist

The Organic Artist

Fifth Friday

  • Making Paper (Washi)

  • Sun Printing 

  • Flower Pounding (Tataki-zome)

  • Natural Dye Paint/Ink

  • Baking Bread

  • Making Soap

  • Candle Making

  • Dandelion Pizza

  • Daily craeft activities    from  the Wildcraeft Works  Craeft Collection

  • A "Greatest Hits"                    Craeft Sampler!  

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