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Fees & FAQs

  • What are Traditional Skills & Heritage Crafts and why are they important?
    Occupational therapy is the intentional use of purposeful and meaningful activities to improve health and function. The therapeutic use of crafts was (is) at the foundation of the occupational therapy discipline. There is a significant base of research (historical and modern) promoting the value of the use of craft in therapy to obtain improvements in function. The Wildcraeft Works approach embraces this research. Interestingly, as we all find ourselves in an pervasively digital world, the discussions surrounding the importance of Craft, Handwork, and Making, are increasingly present in and out of the clinical literature. So what are Traditional skills and Heritage Crafts? These are activities (skills and crafts) that are (and have been) part of the human experience for millenia. They are the slow, productive, and meaningful activities that address a multitude of component skills (motor, cognitive, executive, etc.). But also importantly, these activities support the development of competence and confidence, regardless of outcome...they are process-oriented rather then product-oriented. Tending to an herb garden, kneading dough and baking bread, making butter, making and serving tea (to ourselves and others), wet felting, finger knitting, tying useful knots, making natural inks and dyes, visible mending, twig weaving tapestry, etc. But these traditional skills and heritage crafts are not just past-times from a time gone Maker activities are also part of the fun! Solar and eco printing, visible mending and upcycling, hand stitching with conductive threads and simple circuits, and more! Yesterdays Traditional Skills and Heritage Crafts PLUS today's Maker Mindset supports the development of today's 21st Century Skills!
  • Where are therapy camps and services conducted?
    Wildcraeft Works therapy camps and services take place in the parks and private land of beautiful Upper Bucks County, PA. In order to have a reliable and predictable “home-base’ while out in Nature, the Wildcraeft Works motorhome (a 23’ RV) is our mobile craeft caravan, purpose designed to carry all supplies and provide fresh running water, private and safe bathroom facilities, access to refrigeration and cooking equipment, and AC/heat and protection from the elements if needed. Although access to the Wildcraeft Works caravan is always available during therapy sessions, all therapies take place outdoors in nature.
  • What if we don’t have a current occupational therapy evaluation (less than 6 months old)?
    All therapy services provided through Wildcraeft Works are guided by an occupational therapy evaluation which is necessary for treatment planning. As such, if OT records (goals and progress reports) or an OT evaluation completed within the past 6 months prior are not available, an evaluation will need to be completed. Our occupational therapists can provide this service for an additional fee. A current evaluation is required prior to the start of any occupational therapy services. Please see the Evaluation sectio0n on the FAQs for additional information.
  • Do you take insurance? Why?
    Wildcraeft Works is a private-pay practice. We do not participate in any health insurance plans and do not submit to any insurance carriers for payment or on behalf of our families. However upon request, we are happy to provide families with “superbills”, invoices with insurance information, for therapy services provided. Families can then submit the superbills to their insurance carrier to pursue possible reimbursement of the provided therapy services. It is the responsibility of each family to contact their insurance carrier to confirm coverage for out-of-network occupational therapy services, and to submit the superbills. Wildcraeft Works is not responsible for the amount or status of any insurance reimbursement that may be possible. At Wildcraeft Works, therapy services provided through our nature-based model, including summer camps, mini camps, small group, and individual therapy services, extend beyond the scope of clinic-based service provision, in both the location of the services (outdoors) and in the length of session (beyond the standard 30-60 minutes per session limitation). Partnering with nature and allowing for the therapy process to unfold naturally, we have recognized that being a private-pay practice allows us to provide nature-based occupational therapy services and other related services (camp programming, parent consultation, and other program models) without limitation. This allows us to be the most receptive to our families’ needs and craeft service provision to meet the needs of our families.
  • So, what's with the "E" in WildCRAEFT (no, it's not a typo!)?
    This is an intentional use of an alternative spelling of CRAFT, derived from the Old English and inspired by, "The word craeft signified an indefinable sense of knowledge, wisdom, and resourcefulness. Rediscovering craft will connect us with out human past, our sense of place, and our remarkable capacity to survive in the harshest of landscapes. Craeft helps us more fully appreciate human ingenuity and the passing on of traditions from generation to generation" (Langlands, 2018). The use of CRAEFT in Wildcraeft Works is meant to communicate the importance of these traditional skills and heritage crafts to the human experience, the meaning that they hold in today's world, and the value they hold in the historic and modern therapeutic process.
  • Evaluation Fees
    A current OT treatment plan, progress report, or evaluation (completed within the past 6 months) is required before the start of therapy service provision, including therapy camps. If a current OT treatment plan, progress report, or evaluation is available, a Transfer of Evaluation and Records Review evaluation service. The Transfer of Evaluation and Records Review evaluation service is $135 and includes: a review of the current OT records, 30-minute in-person skilled observation, family/therapist collaboration to determine goals, development of a brief Plan of Care specific to the services provided at Wildcraeft Works prior to the start of services, and an opportunity for everyone to meet and get to know each other prior to the start of therapy services. If a new OT evaluation is needed to start therapy services. The basic occupational therapy evaluations are $300 and includes: 30-minute parent Interview, 45-minute in-person evaluation, including therapist interaction with your child and clinical observations, standardized assessment if indicated, scoring of online questionnaires and assessments, family/therapist collaboration to determine goals, development of a brief summary report and a plan of care specific to the services provided at Wildcraeft Works prior to the start of services OT evaluation services may be eligible for partial reimbursement through the out-of-network benefits of some private health insurance policies. Please see the FAQs regarding Insurance Reimbursement for more information.
  • OT Intensive Summer Camp Weeks Fees
    Wildcraeft Works OT Intensive Summer Camps are individual 1-week long day camps conducted in June and August, when most summer camps offering therapy services are not in session. We are offering several weeks of OT Intensive Summer Camp; each week is guided by a different theme for interesting and unique camp experiences. All camps are led by experienced pediatric Occupational Therapists with a low adult to child ratio of 1:2 and a maximum of 4 children per camp week. Every camp week runs Monday-Friday, from 9:00-2:00 and will be located in the beautiful parks and private land of Upper Bucks County, PA. Ages: 7-12 years old Cost: $795 per week Deposit: $250 non-refundable deposit for each week of camp to secure your child's registration. Due at time of registration. Interested in signing up for more than one week of OT Intensive Summer Camp? Yay! ...did you know that we have a Multi-Week Discount? Each additional week of camp for which you register will be discounted by $50!! Register for as many as you'd like! This is a great opportunity to craeft a successful camp experience for your child! Note: Each camp day is a total of 4 hours. A portion of every camp day will consist of direct hands-on provision of individual therapy services for your child. Therapy services provided during the OT Intensive Therapy camp week may be eligible for partial out-of-network reimbursement through your insurance carrier. Although Wildcraeft Works is a private pay practice (payment is due prior to the start of the camp week) and does not participate with any insurance carriers (see General FAQs), we are happy to provide you with a superbill for the portions of the 5 camp days for which provision of direct therapy services for your child occurred.
  • Weekly Small Group OT Services Fees
    Coming soon
  • "School's out!" Mini OT Camps Fees
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